The Black Girl Dangerous Podcast 2.5.16: Non-Racist Veganism and Non-Binary Femmes

Podcast 2.5.16

Episode 9! The Black Girl Dangerous Podcast is back in action! BGD’s Chanelle Adams and Princess Harmony host the episode with special guests Brandie (@feministfists) and Jack Qu’emi Gutierrez (@jackquemi)! This week’s episode is packed with conversations about veganism, PETA’s… Continue Reading

What’s Up With the Butt: Why the #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch Obsession is Problematic


by Vianca Masucci   In case you missed it, Amber Rose clapped back with accusations of ass play at Kanye West on Twitter last week, giving birth to the hashtag #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. She crafted the #clapback in response to Ye’s self-masturbatory… Continue Reading

How Making a Murderer Erases Race and Gender From the Realities of Injustice


by Chase Childress This past December, the ten part documentary Making a Murderer captured the attention of Netflix viewers across the country. The documentary follows Stephen Avery, a white, cis man, who is charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach.… Continue Reading