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Today, Vanessa told me,

“Yell it, scream it, shout it from theDSC_8910

rooftops. Beat your chest. Tear your hair. Bite. Scratch. Be theatrical.

Go wild. The more you mourn, the less you  carry.”

I started to cry when she said that.

That’s really what this thing is about.

–December, 2011


Black Girl Dangerous is the brainchild of writer Mia McKenzie. What started out as a scream of anguish has evolved into a multi-faceted forum for expression. Black Girl Dangerous seeks to, in as many ways possible, amplify the voices, experiences and expressions of queer and trans* people of color.

Black Girl Dangerous is a place where we can make our voices heard on the issues that interest us and affect us, where we can showcase our literary and artistic talents, where we can cry it out, and where we can explore and express our “dangerous” sides: our biggest, boldest, craziest, weirdest, wildest selves.




IMG_3727-1Mia McKenzie is a writer and a smart, scrappy Philadelphian (now living in the bay area) with a deep love of vegan pomegranate ice cream and fake fur collars. She studied writing at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a black feminist and a freaking queer, facts that are often reflected in her stories, which are literary and lyrical and hella quirky, and which have won her some awards and grants, such as the Astraea Foundation’s Writers Fund Award (‘09) and the Leeway Foundation’s Transformation Award (‘11). Her debut novel, The Summer We Got Free, won the 2013 Lambda Literary Award. It has been described by author and critic Jewelle Gomez as “a brilliant tapestry filled with exuberance and anxiety”. Her second book, Black Girl Dangerous on Race, Queerness, Class and Gender is being taught at colleges and universities across the country. You can read her short stories in The Kenyon Review  and make/shift. She travels and speaks about race, queerness, gender, class, and the intersections of all of these. Read more about Mia at www.miamckenzie.net

(To book Mia or other BGD writers for an event at your university or other venue, to request an interview, or for republishing questions not already answered here, contact Malc Smith at malc.booking @ gmail.com–please address your inquiry to Malc Smith. Questions or feedback about articles will not be forwarded to Ms. McKenzie.)

Senior Editor

jdx2Jezebel Delilah X is a queer, fat, Black, femme performance artist, writer, educator, and Faerie Queen Mermaid Gangsta for the revolution. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Mills College and is co-host and co-founder of East Bay Open Mic, Culture Fuck; a member of the story telling performance troupe, Griot Noir; one of the founding members of Deviant Type Press; on the artistic core of Peacock Rebellion; and teaches English at a few Bay Area community colleges. She uses a combination of performative memoir, theatrical poetry, and feminist storytelling to advance her politix of radical love, socioeconomic justice, anti-racism, and community empowerment. Her collection of poetry, Black Queen Lullaby, is coming out this spring! As Senior Editor at Black Girl Dangerous and a die-heart romantic, she’s already ready to fall in love with the magic of your words, dreams, hopes, and visions!



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