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BGD is a website for video, comics and writing by BLACK, INDIGENOUS AND PEOPLE OF COLOR WHO ARE ALSO QUEER AND/OR TRANS. It’s a place where you can take up space and raise your voice! BGD has millions of readers all over the globe. The world’s listening. What do you want to say? Submit writing, comics or video to BGD by following the guidelines below.






What You Need To Know Before Submitting to BGD

Don’t submit your work to us unless you’re comfortable being edited. We’re committed to publishing the best work possible and that often requires edits. If you’re not open to constructive criticism –provided with love, respect, and kindness –BGD isn’t the site for your work.


Terms of Submission

By submitting text, images, and personal information for possible inclusion on this site, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Submission:


BGD reserves the right to publish your text and photos at our own discretion. When you email us a submission, you are granting BGD first publication rights, exclusive rights to the piece for one year, and the right to keep the piece published on our site forever. If you would like to publish the work elsewhere after one year*, the work must provide visible credit to BGD. You represent and warrant that you have all of these rights to grant to us and that no other rights from any third party will be necessary.


(*Pieces published by BGD cannot be posted elsewhere for one year after the original publication date, except with BGD’s permission.)





Submit Writing or Video to the BGD Website

What you should know:

1. BGD only publishes work by people of color who are also queer and/or transgender. We do not publish “allies” or responses to previously-published pieces.


2. We’re looking for original, never-before-published articles and essays (no poetry, please) that are personal, political and intersectional. Please read the work on our site before submitting. Send us only your BEST, most polished work.

We are especially interested in pieces about current events.


3. We have different needs at different times and not all submissions made to BGD will be accepted. If we don’t accept your piece, feel free to submit new work in the future.


4. WORD LIMIT: all writing submitted should be between 850 and 1,100 words. Pieces over 1,100 words will not be read. Do not send us a piece that is over the word limit and ask us to help you trim it down.


5. Please submit only one piece at a time to submissions.bgd @ (Note: This email address does not reach Mia McKenzie. Please do not use this email address for anything other than submissions. Any other emails will be deleted by an intern or editor without response. If you’d like to thank us for our work, tweet us!)


Writing submissions: please include the topic of your piece in the subject line and send a single-spaced Word document in the following format:

Title of piece

Name of author

Word count

(Body of article)


Video submissions: We’re looking to feature original videos, from funny YouTube stuff to short films. Upload your complete video (no trailers) to Youtube or Vimeo and send us the link (If we accept your video, we’ll ask you for a complete transcript —we only publish videos with accompanying transcripts!)


6. Please include with your submission a short bio (no more than 50 words), your phone number (in case you need to be reached for last minute edits), and your mailing address for payment. (Writers outside of the U.S. must have PayPal to receive their honorarium. U.S. writers are paid by check.)


7. Along with your submission, attach a high resolution jpeg author photo (head and shoulders shot is best).


8. BGD understands that sometimes, when writing about sensitive subject matter, safety is a concern. If you can’t have your name published or don’t feel comfortable having your photograph featured on the site, please don’t let it deter you from submitting. These issues can be worked around and we’re invested in making you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.


9. BGD is a feminist forum. Anything submitted that violates feminist ideals will be rejected.


10. BGD pays an honorarium of $75 to $120 for pieces we publish (for submissions received after January 1, 2016).

Pitch a Music Feature or Book Review to BGD

BGD is looking for book reviews and music features! Send pitches to submissions.bgd @ gmail. com. All pitches should include what you want to review, info on your writing experience and a short bio.

Pitch a Comic Series to BGD

BGD is looking for smart, funny comic series by QTPoC! Send pitches to submissions.bgd @ gmail. com. All pitches should include who you are, what your comic is about, and links to your previous work.

Submit A (Book) Manuscript to BGD Press

BGD Press is looking for manuscripts by queer and/or trans writers of color that center QTPoC experiences. We are now considering manuscripts in the following areas:

YA Fiction (especially, but not limited to, YA Fantasy)

Speculative Fiction

Literary Fiction

Poetry (note: our website does not accept poetry submissions; we only accept poetry collections for possible book publication)

If you’re a queer and/or trans writer of color with a completed, polished manuscript that you’d like us to consider, please send a query letter along with the FIRST PAGE of your manuscript (for fiction) or FIVE POEMS from your collection (for poetry) to submissions . bgd @ gmail. com.


Happy submitting!!