Work With BGD


BGD is seeking the following creative and technical talent for our upcoming comedy web series about queer and trans people of color. All positions are for a video shoot in Oakland, CA, Friday through Sunday, October 24th to 26th. All are paid, short-term gigs.

All positions require experience working and living within QTPoC communities.


Crew positions have been filled!


We are looking to fill these remaining roles in the cast. Trans people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Minor Roles

These minor roles require just a few hours of filming. Pays $50 and lunch (and a lot of fun). Must have your own transportation.

Please send a link to your reel or a 1- to 2-minute audition video of you telling a story while embodying the character(s) you’re auditioning for, along with a cover letter telling us about yourself, to jobs.bgd @ gmail. com. We are casting folks NOW!

1. The POC Umbrella dude: 20s to 40s, Asian American guy. Passionate about social justice, but needs to work on his anti-blackness analysis.

2. The Well-Meaning White Woman: works for a foundation, says a lot of ridic shit, any age

3. The Trying Too Hard And Still Not Really Getting It White Male Anti-Racist Feminist: 20s to 40s, a *facepalm* waiting to happen.

4. Background/extra/one-liners (unpaid): we need folks to fill background and one-line roles, so if you’re interested and available for an hour or two of filming, send us a short note telling us why you’d like to participate and a couple of photos of you (no video necessary for background folks).